Tuesday, July 23, 2024

CUI Devices Introduces Industry’s Smallest Micro Buzzer

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 CUI Devices’ Audio Group today announced the introduction of a 3.2 mm x 3.2 mm magnetic transducer buzzer, making it among the smallest micro buzzers in the industry. As the latest addition to CUI Devices’ micro buzzers line, the CMT-322-65-SMT-TR features a low profile of 2 mm, surface mount packaging, and a sound pressure level (SPL) of 65 dBA at 10 cm. 

Ideal for portable equipment applications and space-constrained designs, this magnetic audio transducer carries a rated voltage of 3 Vo-p, low current consumption of 120 mA, and a rated frequency of 4 kHz. The CMT-322-65-SMT-TR also offers an operating temperature range from -20 to 70°C and reflow solder compatibility.

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The CMT-322-65-SMT-TR is available immediately with prices starting at $1.65 per unit at 500 pieces through distribution. 

Product name: CMT-322-65-SMT-TR
Availability: Stock to 8 weeks
Possible users: Portable equipment and space-constrained designs
Primary features: 3.2 x 3.2 x 2 mm package, SPL of 65 dBA at 10 cm
Cost: $1.65 per unit at 500 pieces through distribution



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