Monday, April 15, 2024

EM Micro’s Low Energy V5.0 Proximity Beacon Module

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Omni Pro Electronics has announced the EM Microelectronics release of its new EMBC22Proximity Beacon Module with Accelerometer for tracking moveable objects. EMBC22 is a high-performance, customizable Bluetooth V4.2 low energy proximity beacon. The EMBC22 comes in simple, easy-to-use coin-shape housing and is powered by the EM9304, considered by EM to be the world’s lowest power Bluetooth IC.

New product features include its longer life from a CR2032 battery, a longer range (up to 200m LOS), over-the-air configurability and an optional connector for sensors or power source. The EMBC22 is compatible with all major beacon formats including iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon and proprietary systems such as Quuppa Intelligent Locating System. 

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The following parameters can be easily modified over the air:

  • Packet types, including custom packet type
  • Device name, address, manufacturer name, model number, HW/SW revision
  • UUID, Major/Minor ID, UID or URL
  • Beacon interval, Transmitter power
  • Accelerometer function and sensitivity

The EM Microelectronic EMBC22 can be securely updated in the field with over-the-air programming from a mobile device (all major iOS® and Android™ devices supported). The EMBC22 accelerometer can be used to implement efficient and low-energy algorithms for various applications. The accelerometer can be used to activate beaconing on movement, or gestures, for example. When not active, the beacon consumes minimal energy.

The EMBC22 can be stored in Warehouse Mode without significantly degrading the battery lifetime. When active for six hours per day and configured for 0dBm output power and one second advertising intervals, the battery lifetime is more than four years.

The EMBC22 can be delivered in any quantity with guaranteed unique ID. A 2D unique serial number is printed on the beacon housing for optical scanning.

The EMBC22 is also available in PCB module format without housing. The module comes with the switch and battery holder. The beacon comes standard with a Renata CR2032/ 225mAh battery. Other Renata Lithium primary batteries such as CR2016/90mAh, CR2450/540mAh and CR2477/950mAh can also be accommodated.

The EMBC22 comes in a waterproof housing, and operates over a -20C to +60C temperature range. The EMBC22 is modular Bluetooth V5.0, FCC, IC, and CE certified, RoHS and REACH compliant. As a franchised distributor for EM Microelectronics, Omni Pro Electronics supplies its full line of Sensor Fusion, Power Management, Microcontroller, Wireless / RF, Timing, Beacon, RF Identification and Touch Pad products.



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