Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Embedded Wizard 12 Released With New Features

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19 years after the first release, TARA Systems presents version 12 of Embedded Wizard. The latest release of the market-leading graphical user interface development software surpasses its predecessors in efficiency and performance.

The new version 12 of Embedded Wizard released by TARA Systems enables even more efficient and powerful professional software development of graphical user interfaces (GUI) on embedded systems. An increased selection of graphical functions as well as platform enhancements allow the creation of even higher quality, sophisticated and user-friendly human-machine interfaces without compromising performance.

Embedded Wizard 12 improves the user experience by supporting more diverse graphical effects and features. The addition of new filter effects to the graphics engine that support blur, mask, and color tint operations on bitmaps or screen content, enables even more powerful and impressive GUI applications. The possibilities in the surface design of the GUIs are thereby increased by multiple, which opens up functional improvements and new creative design possibilities.

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The usability regarding list view and flexible elements support has been improved. Hence, the tool responds to multiple customer requests. With the help of the new features, software engineers can now create flexible lists. Due to the improvement, lists are now able to query the size and class of the individual elements. This allows, for example, a more precise operation or better information display for the user experience.

In addition, the new software version offers an extension to play back external video sources. A new interface facilitates the integration of such video player engines into the GUI application, thus improving usability. Furthermore, video objects can now be used like any other regular bitmap. Videos correspondingly can now be played in different screen modes, from thumbnail to full screen or other varieties. Besides, they have enhanced zoom options and a more visually appealing presentation, like a perspective-transformed image view, which then plays the video.

The runtime environment has been enhanced with new functions. Moreover, Embedded Wizard 12 introduces a best practice guideline to make software architecture easier, safer and faster by specifying these new functions for parallel running processes. This saves complex and error-prone development work.

In response to the chip shortage in many affected industries and the market situation in general, the new version lays the foundation to support new platforms from various manufacturers, like STMicroelectronics, NXP, Renesas, Infineon or GigaDevice. This step provides more flexibility in the choice of architectures throughout the entire project lifecycle or even last-minute changes regarding the chip before production.


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