Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Feiyutech Ships New Smartphone GIMBAL

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FeiyuTech announced today that it is shipping the new social media-ready smartphone gimbal, the Vimble 3, available immediately through the FeiyuTech store at: https://store.feiyu-tech.com/products/vimble-3.   The new FeiyuTech Vimble 3 provides professional image stabilization for clean pro video content for social media, influencers, advertisers, and filmmakers, with a greatly improved design for smoother video, including gesture controls, one click intuitive buttons, a lighter portable foldable design, and longer 10 hour battery life for continuous on-the-go content creation.

Affordably Priced, Three Axis Design Provides Smooth, Professional Tilt, Roll, & Pan Video Shots 

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Affordably priced, the Vimble 3’s light-weight three axis design provides smooth, professional tilt, roll, and pan video shots everywhere you go, isolating your movement from the camera for a clean smooth shot, even when you’re shooting video while moving on an uneven surface. The Vimble 3 features gesture controls for quick selfie or group videos and photos with just a flick of the hand; one button switching from landscape to portrait mode for easy TikToks, live streaming, selfies, and group shots; a 198mm long extension rod for selfies and long range shots; an intuitive button lay-out; and compact lighter-weight design that easily folds away into its own velvet carrying bag. Extremely portable, the Vimble 3 only weighs 387g and can easily hold large-screen smartphones weighing up to 250g, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Foldable Design, Includes Extension Rod, Small Tripod, and ¼” Threaded Hole for Large Tripods

In addition to the extension rod, the Vimble 3 also includes a small tripod, which is now lighter and stronger with better traction for more stability, perfect for video in rough terrains and slippery conditions. The gimbal also includes a ¼” threaded hole at the bottom for mounting to external devices, such as large tripods. There are two ways to connect the Vimble 3 to the phone: directly via Bluetooth or through the included Feiyu ON app.

Vimble 3 Features:

  • Gesture Controls: for selfies or group photos.
  • One Button Landscape/Portrait Modes: quickly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting.
  • Foldable: can be quickly folded and unfolded.
  • Direct Gimbal Control: through Bluetooth, FeiyuTech ON, or BeautyCam app.
  • Feiyu ON app: controls AI tracking, self-timer, gestures, time-lapse, panorama photos, and more.
  • Tilting Angle Lock: can be locked to fit any shooting angle needs.
  • Extendable Rod: pulls out for super high or long-distance shooting.
  • Wide-angle Lens View: with slanted arm design.
  • AB Point Trajectory Memory: one button or automatic focus.
  • Flash Follow Mode: for optimal lighting.
  • 360° Angle and First Person View (FPV) Mode.
  • Roll Axis: controlled by dial.
  • Long Battery Life: up to 10 hours.
  • Tripod and Velvet Carrying Bag: included.

Availability & Pricing

Available immediately, the FeiyuTech Vimble 3 includes the gimbal in light grey, portable tripod base, extension rod, Type-C charging cable, velvet carrying case, and instruction manual. The Vimble 3 is priced at $119, available through the FeiyuTech store at https://store.feiyu-tech.com/products/vimble-3 For more information on FeiyuTech and products, see the store at: https://store.feiyu-tech.com/ and website: https://www.feiyu-tech.com/.


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