Monday, June 17, 2024

High Efficiency Switching Regulator As Drop-In Replacement

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They provide high-efficiency and full-load operation with a wide input range of 7 – 36VDC and up to 1500mA output currents

TRACO POWER announces their new TSR 1.5E series of 1.5 Amp step-down switching regulators which are modern drop-in replacements for older, inefficient step-down regulators in the industry-standard SIP-3 / TO-220 footprint. This new generation of non-isolated DC-DC converters is cost-optimised to support price sensitive and high-volume requirements.

The TSR 1.5E consists of 3 output models offering 7~36VDC Input range and 3.3, 5 or 12 VDC outputs and up to 1500mA output currents. These drop-down regulators provide high-efficiency operation up to 97% and provide full-load operation over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C without heat sinks, temperature derating, forced-air cooling or external capacitors.

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The TSR 1.5E switching regulators offer better output accuracy of 0.7% and substantially lower standby current of only 15mA. Reliability is measured at a minimum of 6,800,000 hours per MIL-HDBK-217F ground benign and supported by a 3-year warranty. These products were designed for a broad range of applications and well suited for challenging thermal environments while reducing production costs with a more cost-efficient and reliable solution.

Products are in stock and available through TRACO POWER’s global distribution network.


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