Saturday, April 20, 2024

High-Speed Wafer Feeder for Packaging Semiconductor Assembly

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Advanced Packaging continues to evolve while driving the world’s most innovative products for 5G, AI, Edge Computing, AiP, and Integrated Power Management. Consumer, Automotive and IoT devices are getting smaller and thinner, 2.5D and SiP multi-die packages are becoming more complex, InFO and Panel Fan-Out are driving large-format batch processing, and volume demands are rising. These new challenges demand a comprehensive solution that breaks traditional boundaries for efficient multi-die assembly.

The High-Speed Wafer Feeder is the world’s fastest rapid-exchange multi-die feeder. Combined with Universal’s FuzionSC Platform, it is the ultimate multi-die solution for heterogeneous integration. High-Speed Wafer Feeder The ultimate multi-die solution for heterogeneous integration


  • 14 high-precision (sub-micron X,Y,Z) servo[1]driven pick heads
  • High-precision (sub-micron X,Y,Z) servo-driven ejector
  • 100% pre-pick vision and die alignment
  • One-step “wafer-to-placement” handoff
  • Synchronous wafer stretch and storage
  • 16K cph dual wafer tables
  • Up to 52 unique wafers types at once; 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm

Performance and Value

  • Maximum die size range with thinnest die
  • 4X throughput improvement vs current generation
  • Maximum panel size processing up to 635mm x 610m


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