Sunday, April 21, 2024

Highly Efficient, Rugged DC-DC Board Mount Series

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Features include wide power transmission, ruggedness, remote on/off, input under-voltage, over-voltage lockout and more

Bel Power Solutions, a Bel group company, announced the 0RQB-C5W24x and 0RQB-C5W54LG, a board mount, isolated DC-DC converter that provides up to 162 W of output power from a wide input range. Specifications include an output voltage of 24VDC and 54VDC and an input voltage range suitable for 72 V (74 V), 96 V and 110 V nominal battery voltages.

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Conformal coated PCB is used for environmental ruggedness, making this DC-DC converter ideal for industrial, railway and telecommunication industries and applications, including the event recorder, door control system, wireless communication module and ruggedized train radio. PoE applications supporting the IEEE 802.3af standard for power transmitted over LAN cables are also ideal for this converter, including those powering IP cameras, sensors, radios, railway instruments and controllers and wireless access points. Other standard features include remote on/off, input under-voltage and over-voltage lockout, OCP, SCP, overtemperature and output overvoltage protection.

This fixed-frequency unit is designed to be highly efficient and includes reinforced isolation, with a compact footprint of 2.30 x 1.45 x .50 inches (58.42 x 36.83 x 12.70 mm), as well as RoHS compliant and safety approved to UL/CSA60950-1, 2nd +A2 version and the Class II, Category 2, Isolated DC-DC Converter Specification (refer to IPC-9592B).

As an authorized distributor for Bel, Heilind Asia Pacific provides Bel’s products and also value-added services. Heilind Asia supports both original equipment and contract manufacturers in all market segments of the electronics industry, stocking products from the industry’s leading manufacturers in 25 component categories, with a particular focus on interconnect, electromechanical, fastener/hardware and sensor products.


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