Monday, June 17, 2024

Highly Innovative And Intelligent New Placement Solutions

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They deliver a fast, fully intelligent and highly integrated boost to line throughput for a powerful and compelling productivity

Designed to boost placement productivity, Europlacer has launched the versatile ii-A1 is an ultra-flexible module featuring a single Tornado turret head. It can be deployed for specific SMT assembly duties or as a fully-featured module offering placement speeds up to 15,000cph to boost yields. ii-A1 provides an inventory capacity of 164 x 8mm feeder positions and two different types of internal matrix tray with up to 5 Jedec capacity to deliver flexibility for devices up to 99mm x 99mm dimensions.

Equipped with a pair of high-speed Pulsar pipette heads, the new ii-A2 module is designed as a chipshooter to take on workload duties from other Europlacer machines in the line, offering placement speeds up to 50,000cph for devices down to 01005 profiles. Like the ii-A1, the ii-A2 also offers a component inventory of 164 x 8mm feeder positions to deliver a fast, fully intelligent and highly integrated boost to line throughput.

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Sharing the same robust chassis, the ii-A1 and ii-A2 feature intelligent conveyor with board stops under full software control and can handle boards over one metre (39 inches) in length despite the compact module format. And both are compatible with a broad range of options, including all Europlacer intelligent feeder technologies, available across all Europlacer placement platforms.

“We are very excited by the new modules, both as an innovative concept that fits the growth plans of many of our existing customers and as two vital new additions that expand our placement equipment range,” says François Erceau, Group Strategic Direction & Marketing Officer at Europlacer. “These new modules also extend our market reach. We firmly believe that the Europlacer placement range with its huge variety of intelligent options now offers customers in any volume sector a powerful and compelling productivity solution – and one that’s supported by our multi-award-winning customer service.”


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