Thursday, July 25, 2024

India-Made Universal Battery Charger In 5A And 15A Models

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Compact and rugged microprocessor-based product that offers enhanced safety against short-circuit and extends product life

Systellar Innovations has launched a universal battery charger (UBC) that can charge LiFePO4, Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lead-acid battery. Just select the type of battery and let this amazing device do its magic. Gone are the days when Lead-acid batteries were the most popular choice for energy storage. Today, Lithium battery packs are commonly used in consumer applications such as electric bikes, electric vehicles, solar appliances like fans / solar streetlights/home lighting system / etc., power backup equipment, etc. Invariably, due to equipment failure, the batteries require an external charging source. In such times, the universal battery charger is the perfect solution for battery charging – no matter the battery type. Universal battery charger offers amazing value to users in terms of portability, charging quality & accuracy and product reliability.

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Universal Battery charger is a microprocessor-based product and based on a high-frequency design to keep product size compact. The battery charger comes in two models – UBC-5A and UBC-15A with maximum battery charging current 5A and 15A, respectively. Both the models are capable of charging the following battery types:
⦁ Li-ion battery pack – 11.1V
⦁ Li-ion battery pack – 14.8V
⦁ LiFePO4 battery pack – 12.8V
⦁ Lead-Acid battery – Flat plate type – 12V
⦁ Lead-Acid battery – Tubular / Gel type – 12V

Salient Features
⦁ 5A and 15A charging current models available
⦁ LCD display shows battery voltage, charging current & charging status in the 15A model
⦁ User settable maximum charging current in 15A model
⦁ Wide AC input voltage range (140V – 280V AC 50Hz)
⦁ 4KV surge protection and Power Factor > 0.95
⦁ Active Power Factor Correction in 15A model
⦁ 3 Stage battery charging for Lead Acid battery
⦁ Accurate end of charge voltage for battery protection
⦁ Rugged product design for long product life
⦁ Insulated battery clamps for enhanced safety against short-circuit
⦁ 100% Made In India product for Indian conditions
⦁ 1-year warranty


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