Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Indium Corporation, SAFI-Tech Announce New Supercooled BiSn Solder Paste

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Indium Corporation and SAFI-Tech have announced the launch of a new supercooled BiSn solder paste using SAFI-Tech’s innovative solder platform.

Using SAFI-Tech’s platform, liquid metal is encapsulated in a proprietary soft shell, keeping the solder alloy in a sub-cooled (liquid) state far below its normal melting/freezing point. The shell of these powder-like microcapsules can be removed using a traditional flux and reflow process, or burst by compression.

SAFI-Tech’s supercooled BiSn solder paste can be fluxed and reflowed at 135°C, a temperature that is currently impossible to reach using conventional BiSn solder alloys.

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Target applications include flexible hybrid electronics and heat-sensitive applications currently using conductive epoxies.

SAFI-Tech’s CTO and President Ian Tevis said, “We are excited to work with Indium Corporation on the release of our supercooled BiSn product. Indium Corporation’s network of customers and equipment suppliers will allow us to bring supercooled solder to market.”

Indium Corporation President and COO Ross Berntson said, “SAFI-Tech’s platform is changing the way in which the electronics industry can use solder. Their BiSn product will allow customers to create fully metallic, electrically conductive joints in applications where this is currently not possible.”

SAFI-Tech and Indium Corporation are currently sending their supercooled BiSn solder product to interested parties for testing.


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