Monday, May 27, 2024

Infineon Introduces Next-Generation OptiMOST Integrated POL DC-DC Regulators

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Infineon’s Integrated POL switching converters deliver benchmark efficiency and dramatically reduce system size. Solutions up to 40 A are available in compact PQFN packages. Target applications include server, storage, routers and switches, telecom base stations and embedded computing. Solutions with and without digital interfaces are available in single output and multi-rail format.

Ready-to-go reference designs and the online simulator simplify the task of designing regulated voltage rails. Different control topologies are available to meet an application’s specific requirements. Use the table below to select the most appropriate topology.

OptiMOS integrated POL by Infineon Technologies. | Courtesy of Infineon Technologies

IPOL power module is a fully integrated buck converter with an integrated inductor and other passive components. It’s easy-to-design while offering a high-efficiency load and line regulation over a wide input supply range. With integrated inductor and capacitors, it reduces external components and saves 80 percent of PCB area. Therefore, IPOL power module allows a much higher power density while minimizing the parasitic parameters.


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