Sunday, July 14, 2024

Infineon Launches XENSIV Connected Sensor Kit, a New IoT Sensors Platform

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IoT ecosystems and connected devices enable new service offerings and peripheral services to be bought and unlocked. However, prototyping sensor-based IoT use cases can become a resource-intensive process until smart IoT systems are ready to be deployed. To support hardware and software engineers in the development of IoT devices, Infineon Technologies AG has launched the XENSIV connected sensor kit (CSK), a new IoT sensor platform for rapid prototyping and development of customized IoT solutions.

“Combining sensors, microcontrollers and secure connectivity is one of our customers’ biggest challenges. Therefore we have developed the CSK for rapid prototyping of connected IoT sensors”, said Laurent Remont, VP Sensor solutions at Infineon. “Furthermore, the CSK combines software and hardware to help reduce time-to-market of IoT products significantly”.

The CSK is based on a combination of XENSIV sensors with power-efficient, yet high-performance processing for advanced use cases based on the PSoC 6 microcontroller. Secured connectivity is enabled by OPTIGA™ Trust M. Its modular board design is compatible with the Adafruit form factor and allows prototyping solutions for a variety of sensor use cases, for example for battery-powered smart home applications. The sensor kit utilizes Infineon’s products and offers ready-to-use sensor scenarios and quick data visualization packed in a 10- minute IoT experience.

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UBCO doctoral student Ahmadreza Ghaffarkhah uses a 3D printer to create small and highly-accurate sensors that can be integrated into clothing and equipment. (Credit: UBCO)

Additionally, fast prototyping is made easy by the Infineon Sensor Cloud Dashboard: an example of a simplified user interface with a cloud architecture backend on AWS. It scales quickly for field deployment and provides unified multi-device dashboarding. All components of the CSK come with code samples and libraries from ModusToolbox, Infineon’s software ecosystem which supports customers in developing feature-specific proof of concepts and accelerates the path to a finished product design with new sensor applications.

The CSK also provides secured and reliable connectivity to the most popular cloud services like AWS IoT Core. It can be used for publishing, configuring, and subscribing messages to and from cloud platforms. The kit is qualified in the AWS Partner Device Catalog with environmental sensor variants, the CSK PASC02 for measuring carbon dioxide levels (CO 2 ppm), and a radar 60 GHz variant, the CSK BGT60TR13C, for presence detection, vital sensing and more.


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