Wednesday, July 17, 2024

“Kusam-Meco” 6000 Counts TRMS Digital Multimeter Model – KM 2257

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‘KUSAM-MECO’ has added one more “UL” listed Digital Multimeter to its range Model KM 2257. It has a large LCD Display 3⅚ Digits 6000 Counts and Analog Bar graph of 60 segments. It is TRMS Sensing with ingress protection IP40, Pollution Degree 2. It has safety rating CAT II 1000V, III 600V. The Transient protection is 6.0 KV. It meets EMC standard EN 61326-1. It has high overload protection on mV, Ohm & other function of 1000V AC/DC. It has special features such as Auto V (LOZ); VFD measurement; Beep Lit Continuity; Auto ranging MAX/MIN/AVG Record. The LCD Display has Backlight for taking measurements in dark areas. Auto ranging, Relative Zero mode, Display Hold, EF- Detection (NCV), Beepjack on µA, mA/A terminals to prevent wrong connection. It measures AC voltage upto 1000V; AC mV from 0.1mV to 600.0mV; VFD ACV with low pass filter. 600.0V, 1000V. Auto V_ACV Range 6.000V to 1000V; DC voltage 60.00 mV to 1000V; Auto V_DC. 6.00V- 1000V. Crest Mode (Instantaneous Peak Hold). Auto Hold Real – Read; Resistance 0.1Ω to 60.00MΩ BeepLit Continuity Tester, Capacitance 0.01nF to 10.00mF; Diode Test; DC current 0.1µA to 10.00A; AC Current 0.1µA to 10.00A; Temperature -40°C to 1000°C; Logic Level Frequency 10Hz – 200.0KHz; Line Frequency 10Hz – 5KHz. Non-Contact EF Detection 3V – 500V. It operates on 1.5V x 2 Nos. AAA Size Alkaline Batteries, It has Auto Power off function (Idle time 30 minutes) it is light weight 335gm with holster. It is supplied with operation manual, batteries, carrying case & Thermo couple (250°C) only.


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