Sunday, July 14, 2024

Low Standby Power, Non-Isolated Offline Switcher Reduces BOM Costs

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Diodes Incorporated (DIODES) has introduced a universal AC high-voltage input non-isolated offline switcher IC to further strengthen its power products portfolio. The AP3928 addresses the challenges associated with using a bias power supply. It delivers safe and reliable power, while simultaneously maintaining elevated performance figures and enabling significant cost savings. This switcher IC is optimised for situations where higher power levels are mandated, such as in industrial control or home automation systems, home appliances, and IoT devices.

The AP3928 has a 600mA maximum output current that allows for a 10W output power rating. A key differentiator of this high-voltage switcher IC is that it supports conventional offline non-isolated flyback configurations, as well as more streamlined non-isolated buck configurations, keeping the bill-of-materials (BOM) spend to a minimum.

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The peak current and switching frequency will continuously reduce as the load decreases, meaning that this device can achieve heightened degrees of efficiency in light load conditions. It is thereby well-suited for any form of equipment that spends prolonged time in sleep mode.

The AP3928’s low standby power of less than 30mW is another important attribute. This is of particular value in small domestic appliances and IoT devices, where available battery power needs to be conserved.

The DIODES AP3928 switcher IC is supplied in a compact SO-8 package. To ensure safety, it meets high-voltage creepage requirements, and can support operational junction temperatures reaching up to +150°C. Overtemperature, output short, overload and open-loop protection functions are all included, as well as undervoltage lockout. The AP3928 is available at $0.25 in 1000 piece quantities.



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