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NDIR CO2 Module CDM7162 Sensor

NDIR CO2 Module CDM7162 Sensor

The Figaro’s Highly Accurate, Pre-calibrated, Low-Power NDIR CO2 Module CDM7162 CO2 module uses a compact NDIR CO2 sensor, featuring excellent performance characteristics, including high accuracy and low power consumption. Stable long-term operation and output are achieved by dual IR detectors and Figaro’s proprietary signal processing.

Every module is individually calibrated and is provided with both a UART and I2C digital interface. The CDM7162 module is designed for simple integration into a user’s products


  • small size
  • low power
  • high accuracy
  • single light source
  • dual wavelength system


  • indoor air quality control
  • fresh air ventilators
  • air conditioners
  • automatic fans and window openers