Saturday, June 22, 2024

New Connector Solutions With Great Results And Short Turnaround Time

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With the capacity to be optimised for oil/gas, aerospace, robotics and deep sea applications, Bulgin offers advanced custom solutions

Bulgin has extended the scope of services it can provide to its customer base by announcing the addition of comprehensive bespoke solutions capabilities. For this new value-added specialist service, Bulgin has formed a new dedicated rapid-response development team of highly experienced engineers. This team will liaise directly with clients, to gain a detailed understanding of their particular application requirements and the technical challenges involved. From there, a bespoke connector/cabling solution can be proposed that ensures all their key criteria are met. Thanks to advanced in-house prototyping resources, including silicon moulding and selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing, working samples can be constructed ready for customer evaluation and testing. Efficient operation will mean that projects are completed within the shortest possible period.

The solutions provided by Bulgin through this new service will range from all the way simple wire harnesses through to more complex fully custom configured connector designs. The company will be able to offer this service from small unit quantities right up to large volumes. High degrees of robustness will ensure the interconnect integrity and operational reliability are always maintained, even in the most uncompromising of working environments where this hardware gets exposed to various forms of stress. Designs will incorporate attributes such as waterproofing, plus resilience to extreme temperatures, pressures and humidity levels. Among the numerous application areas where the Bulgin custom solutions are certain to see uptake is concerning oil/gas, avionics, robotics, smart agriculture and deep-sea exploration.

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“By utilising the vast experience Bulgin has in the development and manufacture of connector and cable assembly technology for mission-critical deployments, we are now in a position to provide a first-class custom solution consultancy service to the global market,” states Thomas Glenday, Engineering Manager at Bulgin. “Our team will be able to react to each new enquiry, engineering an optimised solution that is tailored to the client’s own unique needs. Projects will progress from the initial concept phase to actual full-scale production within an accelerated time frame.”


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