Saturday, May 25, 2024

New PDR X-ray Solutions Website Goes Live

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PDR, founded in 1985, and today a leading manufacturer of BGA rework systems and X-ray systems, today announced the launch of its new PDR X-ray Solutions website at

PDR X-ray Solutions 2D and 2D+ X-ray systems have set a new industry standard for high quality X-ray images at an affordable price. Choosing the correct system for your requirements such as X-ray for quality control or X-ray for process control is vital for the success of both X-ray PCB inspection programs as well as X-ray semiconductor inspection programs, component counterfeit detection and X-ray failure analysis. 

PDR’s 90kV X-ray and 130kV X-ray systems are engineered with high-quality materials and craftsmanship and X-ray safety standards exceeding the most stringent requirements for industrial safety. All X-ray non-destructive inspection systems built by PDR are equipped with a suite of X-ray image processing tools and features that incorporate cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your X-ray system delivers quality X-ray images and the power of analytic tools required for a successful X-ray program.

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PDR believes that X-ray design, manufacturing, research and development, software engineering, and engineering support are best kept under one roof. This Vertical organization structure has proven to be essential to providing PDR’s customers with real-time application solutions and the best customer-focused support experience in the industry.

Based in California, USA, PDR X-ray systems are supported worldwide via PDR’s network of global field agents and technicians to address application-specific X-ray requirements.



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