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NuVolta has Released the Third Generation SoC Wireless Charging Solution

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 NuVolta Technologies, today announced its third generation SoC Wireless Charging Solution – Nu170x families that consists of NU1705 and NU1708 to enhance market share of wireless charging transmitter. This dedicated solution targets medium and low power market, especially 5W to 30W applications.

NuVolta’s third-generation fully integrated transmitter IC NU170x family, features high integration, high efficiency and safety. The solution combines both MCUs and Power stage IC from traditional first and second generation products to bring high integration to its peak.

Key Features of NU170x Solutions

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1. Firstly, NuVolta ultimately simplifies the solution with high integration.

NU170x highly integrates the MCU and Power stage integrated into one single IC, it features two-coil driver function and reduces the number of peripheral components of the system from 70 to about 20, which empowers improved performance and extremely lower the BOM cost.

NuVolta also simplifies the wireless charger design by integrating PD fast charging protocol recognition, saving an external PD IC to request voltage while integrating external crystals.

In addition, the solution integrates 32K MTP, 9-way GPIO and 11-way ADC for a variety of customized applications. NuVolta NU170x is available in a 4 x 4mm QFN28 package supporting up to 20V input voltage and 30W power watts. It can withstand higher surge voltages, make the system safer, and eliminate the need of front-stage OVP circuits, as shown in Figure 1.

2. NU170x high-integration solution brings wireless charging peak efficiency to 85.3%

The power consumption of NuVolta’ s third generation solution stays low at both light and full load. At full load, when the receiving voltage is 13V, the output power increases gradually with the rising current, the efficiency is high to 85.3%.

The advantage of the NU170x solution is that it is both efficient and keeps temperature low.

While maintaining high efficiency, NuVolta also ensures ease of operation, allowing engineers to quickly get started with NU170x customization solutions in 10 minutes. The scheme is configured with a full-featured GUI, that saves a lot of software effort and greatly reduces the workload of software engineers.

3. Unique Rx Auto Detection Function

NuVolta is the first China IC company to apply Rx Auto Detection function to wireless Mobile Power. when people place the device (smartphone, headset, etc.) on the wireless charging power bank designed with NU170x, after automatic detection wireless charging starts without turning on the switch. This obviates the switch key or a Touch Senser, greatly saves cost and improves the user experience.

The innovative NuVolta NU170x solution guarantees low power consumption. In SLEEP mode, the quiescent current is lower than 20uA. For example, if the NU170x were used on a 5000mAh wireless charging power bank, how long would it take to run out of power?
the answer is:
5000mAh/0.02mA/24 (hr)/365 (day) = 28.54 (yrs)
That said power consumption in sleep mode is completely negligible.

4. The Highest Level Protections

Safety has become one of the top concerns in addition to performance. Except providing proven Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCPH, OCP), Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP), once any of above abnormal events occurs, Power stage will automatically turn off according to the configured action registers, at same time MCU will receive an interrupt request and will tack the predefined actions based on the firmware orders. When the event goes away, the IC will recover to the normal operation.

In addition to basic OVP, OCPH, OCP, UVLO and OTP protection, NuVolta’ s third-generation wireless charging solution adds three additional protections to maximize the safety of ICs and systems, which are:

  • Adopt Unique Juggle Protection, to ensure system safety. NuVolta uses innovative primary side current detection and protection while protecting both transmitter and receiver devices for faster protection and safer system operation. At the same time, it is possible to minimize secondary Rx failure under extreme testing and use conditions.
  • Support ±1% accurate Q-factor detection, to provide reliable Q-factor detection circuit to assure better foreign objects detection before the selection phase. It also integrates the resonant frequency measurement during Q-factors detection.
  • Excellent EMI performance, adaptive dead-zone time and segmented drive time for excellent EMI results, saving the snubber circuit.        



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