Monday, July 22, 2024

Mobility System Development With New Online Market Place for R-Car SoC

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Offers developers quick access to evaluation software and documentation to jump start evaluation and speed time to market

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced the launch of its online Market Place, which offers a one-stop source of solutions that help accelerate technical innovation for the future mobility market. Developers can download various solutions designed for Renesas’ R-Car automotive system-on-chips (SoCs) directly from the Market Place. Developers can also use the Market Place as a portal to obtain reference evaluation software from R-Car Consortium Proactive Partners or contact Proactive Partner companies directly, allowing for timely support to match customer requirements.

Through the Market Place, developers can quickly and easily access R-Car evaluation software, documentation such as hardware manuals, technical updates, application notes and basic software such as Linux and Android board support packages (BSPs). 

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Designed to boost the efficiency of mobility system development, Market Place will contribute to reducing the time required for development and jump-start evaluation projects using R-Car Starter Kits. Previously, to obtain these assets, developers had to sign a written software evaluation license agreement – a time-consuming process. With the new Market Place, after creating an account, developers can obtain the necessary software and related materials immediately by applying for a click-through license. The Market Place also offers user-friendly technical videos that provide additional details on the usage and features of R-Car products.

“In today’s shifting business landscape, customers are requiring quick access to the solutions and related information to undertake development under the new normal,” said Naoki Yoshida, Vice President of Automotive Digital Product Marketing Division at Renesas. “The launch of our Market Place allows developers to instantly download solutions they need including evaluation software from partner companies, which will substantially speed up mobility development for customers.”

About the R-Car Consortium

The R-Car Consortium was established by Renesas in 2005 as a customer-oriented ecosystem that provides an open platform for the mobility market. The R-Car Consortium currently includes 253 consortium partner companies and promotes efforts to provide solutions. As of October 2020, 70 companies were selected as proactive partners to provide a more strategic collaboration and assist in the development of advanced mobility systems such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), gateway systems (GS) and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. The R-Car Consortium will continue to promote a valuable ecosystem, reflecting requests and feedback from customers, and contribute to the development of innovative products.


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