Thursday, June 20, 2024

Orion Reversible Flow Fans Feature Directional Flow

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New Yorker Electronics has announced Orion Fans’ release of its new series of microcontroller-based, Reversible Flow Fans rated up to IP68. By utilizing PWM signals to control fan speed, these fans provide a solution for difficult cooling requirements. Fan speed and airflow direction control can now be achieved with one fan without supplementing excess wires or circuitry.

Previously, two fans were required if the designer wanted to achieve two directions of airflow. This arrangement added cost to the bill of materials, required more area in the design to accommodate both fans, increased maintenance requirements, and lowered product reliability. 

Orion Fans’ Reversible Flow Fans are a specialty design that enables some unique uses:

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  • Outdoor applications where the device intakes air in one direction, but a periodic reverse flow ensures air pathways do not become clogged with environmental debris
  • Equipment where seasonal environmental changes require different airflow of intaking versus exhausting air
  • Situations where a “confidence check” is needed to confirm the proper operation of airflow monitoring sensors
  • Applications where dynamic control of airflow pathways is needed, and large airflow check valves may be difficult or impossible to integrate
  • HVAC applications where occasional intake of environmental air is required to comply with building codes
  • Other applications include vending machines, cooler display cases and lighting

 “By utilizing the newest microcontroller-based designs in the reversible flow fans, we provide engineers the advantage of both directional flow and speed control in a single fan, a feature that we have been receiving more and more requests for,” says David Luna, VP of Marketing for Orion Fans.

In typical fan speed control, PWM control provides a fixed-frequency AC square wave signal to the fan, and the duty cycle of the waveform is altered to match the desired speed. Reversible fans extend this control paradigm by segmenting the PWM duty cycle curve into “Forward” versus “Reverse” regions. This segmentation still allows for speed control over a condensed duty cycle range, while enabling control of the direction of flow without requiring additional control wires or circuitry. In most cases, a simple firmware or software change in the customer’s equipment facilitates direction control with minimal disruption of industry standard control assumptions.

Features & Benefits:

  • One fan to achieve airflow direction and speed
  • Periodic reverse flow ensures no clogging
  • Remotely controls building airflow intake and exhaust
  • Reduces cost and space of two fans


  • Outdoor / Seasonal Equipment
  • Telecom Enclosures
  • HVAC
  • Vending machines, cooler displays
  • Lighting

The reversible flow fans are currently available in 120mm and 172mm packages, in 12V, 24V, 48V and 60V versions. Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics, Inc. is an ISO9001/20015 global manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, fan accessories, fan trays and blowers that are distributed by New Yorker Electronics. Established in 1995, Orion Fans has engineering and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.



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