Monday, July 15, 2024

Power Electronics in HV Devices

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Next Generation Static Frequency Converter systems are modern power electronic based systems which are latest in technology offering three level converter technology and are very useful for performing all transformer tests as per IEC / IEEE guidelines ( Heat Run, No Load & Load Loss, Short Circuit, Induced Voltage, Applied Voltage, Partial Discharge tests ). These are compact, require no maintenance, neglegible downtime, wide frequency in one unit, low partial discharge, allows injection of harmonics and no self induction with large capacitive loads. Very suited for testing of  

Transformer’s : 20kVA to 10MVA, 16.67Hz …….1000Hz

Traction / Railway applications : SFC with 16.7 / 25 / 50 Hz, upto 25MVA

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Aviation : SFC with 400Hz, upto 1MVA

Transformer / Cable / Motor / Generator testing range also includes complete HV Test Bay, Loss Measurement System and on-site calibration of LMS system, resistance / insulation / earth resistance / ratio measurements and condition monitoring equipment. 

Based on SFC for the solar / renewable energy segment electronic voltage regulators are also available. An intelligent component in Smart Grids. A next generation technology which is not only a solution provider to the problems but additionally, is a preventive intelligent component for stabalizing smart grids or medium voltage grids also. With an advanced design and control algorithm, the unit does not change the impedance situation in the grid and therefore, does not provocate oscillations like front end inverter or PV-inverter or active filters. 

This is the only available system which can simultaneously compensate for voltage fluctuation of +\- 40% along with harmonics and asymmetric phase loads. Suited for Grid power 200kVA to 10MVA.



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