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Reverse Through-Hole Mounted Tact With Multiple Gram Force Options

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It provides up to 100,000 cycle life expectancy in a small footprint and is suitable for a range of electronic equipment


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The RT1105 series from E-Switch is a top actuated reverse through-hole mounted tact switch. It provides up to 100,000 cycle life expectancy in a 6.80mm x 6.80mm footprint. This switch series features a soft silicon actuator 4.40mm high and provides multiple gram force options identified by different colour actuators – 160gf (red), 260gf (dark grey) and 350gf (blue). 

The RT1105 tact series features include SPST – NO, Off-(On), 50mA, 12V DC contact rating, dielectric strength of 250VAC for 1 minute, operating temperature ranges from -20°C to 85°C, travel is 0.25mm and comes in tray packaging. 

This tact series is suitable for audio/visual equipment, computer peripherals, computer electronics, medical equipment, telecommunication devices, and test & instrumentation equipment.

Specifications include:

  • Contact Rating: 50mA, 12VDC 
  • Electrical Life: 100,000 Cycles 
  • Contact Arrangement: SPST Off – (On) Contact Resistance: 100m Ω Max. Initial) 
  • Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ @100 VDC 
  • Dielectric Strength: 250VAC for 1 minute 
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 85°C 
  • Operating Force: 160gf (red), 260gf (dark gray), 350gf (blue) 
  • Travel: 0.25mm 
  • Bounce: 10m sec. max.


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