Monday, June 17, 2024

New Series Of SMD Chokes That Suppresses Differential Mode Noise

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With a wide range of impedance values, series supports EMI suppression for Ethernet, CAN, Flexray, USB and proprietary data signals

Signal Transformer, a Bel group company, has announced the introduction of the SPDL Series line of miniaturised Surface Mount Device (SMD) common mode chokes for network communication applications in automotive (AECQ-200), infotainment, multimedia and a host of personal computer products.

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Utilising the latest winding technology, the SPDL Series achieves effective differential mode noise suppression for high-speed signal lines. Available in four different surface mount package sizes and a wide assortment of impedance values, the SPDL Series supports EMI suppression for Ethernet, CAN, Flexray, USB and proprietary data signals.

SPDL Series of SMD chokes feature an impedance range of 90 to 2200 ohms, rated current capacity from 150mA to 400mA and an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C. Four different footprints of the SPDL metric size codes include 2012, 3216, 3225 and 4532 type.

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