Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Announces LYTIA, A New Image Sensor Product Brand For Mobile Devices

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Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) announced today the introduction of LYTIA – a new product brand for the image sensors that SSS makes for mobile devices. With LYTIA brand image sensors, SSS aims to build on its history of contributing to smartphone photography and videography culture by giving even more people access to creative imaging experiences “beyond imagination”.

SSS has been providing the world with image sensors for mobile devices since 2003. These image sensors serve as the “eyes” of smartphones and other mobile devices. SSS currently holds the number-one sales value market share for these sensors. SSS’s image sensors deliver high quality and are packed with advanced technology to enable users to enjoy high-quality photography and videography in many smartphones. SSS has won support from many customers including smartphone manufacturers, and, by extension, has benefited smartphone users throughout the world. The particular contributions of SSS’s image sensors to smartphone photography and videography experiences, however, are not yet widely known.

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To address this, SSS has decided to introduce the LYTIA brand to convey the worldview and value that its mobile image sensors provide to the world. The brand will make it easy for people to understand these benefits and position SSS’s image sensors as the product of choice for smartphone users around the world.

LYTIA is a product brand for image sensors made for mobile devices. These products are planned, manufactured and sold by SSS. While continuing to work closely with smartphone manufacturers, SSS will make the most of the LYTIA brand to communicate the value and benefit of its image sensors to smartphone users worldwide.


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