Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Superior Sensor Technology Releases Interactive Product Configurator

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Pressure sensor manufacturer Superior Sensor Technology has released a 3D CAD configurator to enhance the digital customer experience for design engineers. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the configurator’s 3D previews and native formats allow Superior Sensor to further revolutionize the pressure sensor market.

Superior Sensor specializes in programmable, application-specific pressure sensors that marry pressure sensor technology with Silicon Valley ingenuity. Typically found in industrial, medical, and HVAC systems, these sensors use the company’s proprietary NimbleSense architecture to significantly improve sensor performance and provide modular building blocks that offer unique, customizable features.

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One of the most innovative blocks is the company’s Multi-Range Technology that enables a single sensor to be calibrated to support a wide range of pressures without any degradation in performance. This eliminates the complexity of working with multiple sensors, ensuring engineers always have an optimized sensor for their application.

By integrating these sensors into a 3D CAD configurator with “filter assistants” and native formats, Superior Sensor has made it easier than ever for engineers to design-in these critical components.

“Before the configurator, customers would have to contact us via phone or email to request files, and then we would send them the basic STEP file via email,” said Anthony Gioeli, VP of Marketing at Superior Sensor Technology. “Now they can download 3D models right from our website in their preferred native formats, making the engineers’ design process frictionless and less time consuming, which is a big plus.”

“With the new configurator, we’ve started seeing companies we’ve never interacted with design us in, increasing our qualified leads,” Gioeli said. “Engineers can go on our website, get the models and data sheets they need, and get right back to work.”

Gioeli added, “As a young company our goal is to make it as easy as possible for someone to design us in. We know if Superior Sensor Technology is easier to do business with, then it gives customers another incentive to work with us.”


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