Friday, July 19, 2024

System on Module for Atma Nirbhar Bharat

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For decades, imports of Defence equipment formed a large percentage of the  Indian Defence budget. To reduce the defence imports, and creating Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Prime Minister of India has announced many initiatives. Industries  in India have taken up the indigenous development of Defence equipment in a big  way.  

Development of Defence and Aerospace electronic equipment like Radars, Sonars, EW systems, Missile systems, Command and Control systems, Navigation, and flight control systems etc., take long cycle for building prototypes due to the  complexity in design and the recently aggravated long lead time for supply of  chips.  

To address these issues and help the Indian industries in designing the indigenous equipment faster and easier, ELDAAS has introduced a System on Module (SoM)  with highly efficient, heterogeneous processing capabilities, small size, and easy  availability with a competitive lead time.  

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This SoM, developed indigenously by ELDAAS using Zynq Ultrascale+ series of  MPSoC from Xilinx (AMD) is compact and versatile and comes with multiple  variants to meet the needs of broad range of embedded applications in diverse  Security, Defence and Aerospace segments. 

The first of the variants, called elSom-5CG comes with Dual core Arm Cortex-A53  for Application Processing and Dual core Arm Cortex-R5F for Real Time  processing. In addition, elSoM-5CG comes with the parallel processing power of  FPGA with 256K system logic cells for Programmable functionality. Rich  peripherals like PCIe, Gen2x4, USB3.0, SATA3.1, Display Port, Gigabit Ethernet, and adequate memory make it a designer’s choice for several embedded  applications. This SoM is compact with size of 60 mm x 50 mm and is yet very very  powerful. An associated Development Board elDB-5CG with multiple interfaces is  also supplied for facilitating the design and development of various products.  ELDAAS provides engineering services to customise the Development Board with  necessary interfaces for a given application and eventually making it as a carrier  for elSoM. 

elSoM has multiple variants scaling up the processing power with EG and EV  series. CG series is a right fit for Sensor processing and fusion and applications like  motor control, ultrasound, traffic engineering etc.. elSoM-5CG has already been  successfully used in applications like Portable Radars and UAVs.  

EG series enhances CG with a Quad Application processor, and a Graphics  processor Arm Mali 400 MP2, whereas EV series adds Video Codec to EG. Integrated video codec is capable of low latency simultaneous encode and decode  up to 60 frames per second. EV series is ideal for applications involving situational  awareness, surveillance/reconnaissance, smart vision, Image/video processing,  Graphic overlay, Interactive display etc.; EG series is a good fit for flight  navigation, missile systems, secure solutions, cloud computing, data centres,  machine vision etc. These elSoMs are also a boon to the Industry4.0 applications.  ELDAAS will facilitate in identifying the right variant for the product/application  under development and even supports with its Design services offerings in  developing the indigenous products for creating Atma Nirbhar Bharat.  

These elSoM Series of System on Modules, makes developing the Defence and  Aerospace products easier and faster as the complete processing subsystem with  heterogeneous processing capabilities comes as a plug and play module. ELDAAS  has stocked the chips to facilitate faster availability of SoMs to the equipment  developers, as availability of chips has become a long cycle time activity on  project planning chart.  



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