Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Transient Voltage Suppressor: The Best ESD Protection Solution

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New Yorker Electronics has announced the release of a new whitepaper publication, Transient Voltage Suppressor: The Best Protection Solutions for Advanced Applications, from Amazing Microelectronic Corp. The manual allows customers to determine the correct TVS for an application, eliminating the guesswork associated with interferences. It is considered by AMC to be the complete ESD protection solution whitepaper for high-speed data transmission.

Hardware designers conduct rigorous ESD tests ahead of a product’s market launch to check its robustness. However today, integrated circuits (ICs) are more sensitive to the interference due to advanced manufacturing processes. For example, external clamping components are now required. The AMC ESD Protection report discusses the difference between a TVS and varistor; how to select the right TVS; and common applications of ESD solutions. It also has a detailed selection guide for ESD protection solutions and the state-of-the-art solutions that Amazing recommends for USB4, HDMI2.1 and 10G LAN, as well as solutions for automotive applications.

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The scaling trend of the semiconductor industry leads to a reduction in IC component-level ESD robustness. The phenomenon that system-level protection device change varistors to TVS shows that external protection is becoming more and more important. Amazing Microelectronic is one of the top companies which specialized in ESD protection solutions. With the knowledge, experience and always following the hi-tech trends, Amazing will always provide the best products to the latest applications.

Amazing Microelectronic has been doing the research on ESD or EOS for more than 20 years, following the latest application trends and developing products that meet customer requirements. As a franchise distributor for Amazing Microelectronic, New Yorker Electronics supplies the full line of Amazing’s ESD products, EMI Filters, Interface ICs and Switches.



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