Monday, May 20, 2024

TRI Launches New High-Performance 3D AXI

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Test Research, Inc. (TRI) proudly presents the TR7600 SV Series. The 3D AXI breakthrough outperforms its predecessor, the award-winning TR7600 Series, by a staggering 20% increase in performance.

With a remarkable 7 µm resolution, the TR7600 SV guarantees high resolution and high-yield-rate inspection. TRI’s AXI is equipped with AI algorithms, which are superior to the commonly used gray-level-based algorithms. The AI algorithm can accurately detect void defects.

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Industries ranging from automotive electronics to telecommunications and high-throughput production sectors will benefit from the TR7600 SV Series’ fast image reconstruction and defect detection capabilities. Unlike competitors, TRI’s X-ray inspection solutions secure the sample on the conveyor while inspecting, preventing further damage. The system offers adjustable imaging parameters for tailored inspections and inline fine-tuning capabilities.

The TR7600 SV supports current Smart Factory Standards, including the IPC-CFX, IPC-DPMX, and The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852).


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