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Upgraded Portable 400G Network Tester MT1040A Functions

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Supports simultaneous dual-port 400GbE measurement and 200GbE, as a result data Tx and Rx tests can be performed simultaneously

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its 400G Dual/100G Quad Channel Expansion MT1040A-020 option offering upgraded functions for its popular Network Master Pro.

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Installing this new MT1040A-020 option in the MT1040A supports simultaneous dual-port 400G Ethernet (400GbE) measurements using a combination of two 400G measurement modules. As a result, since data Tx and Rx tests can be performed simultaneously, it is possible to both test networks as well as measure the latency and execute quality tests of 400G equipment efficiently using just one MT1040A unit. Additionally, testing of 200GbE used in data centres is also supported.

By upgrading the MT1040A functions to support 400GbE in response to customers’ requirements, Anritsu is contributing to the deployment and smooth operation of high-speed networks.

Developmental Background

With the start of 5G services and the spread of Cloud computing, as well as the rapid increase in teleworking, supporting increased network speeds and larger data capacities has become an urgent issue for communications network operators. As a result, demand for 400GbE is increasing as a means to cope with the reinforcement of these networks. However, configuring stable and high-speed, large-capacity networks using 400GbE requires careful attention to key points, such as assuring the quality of equipment before constructing the overall network.

On the other hand, reducing network costs is a continuing requirement, while the increasing complexity of network functions and test items demands a test solution offering an easy evaluation of network equipment.

Product Outline

The 400GbE Network Master Pro MT1040A is a portable tester for evaluating the quality of the communications of various network types operating at speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 400 Gbps. With its stackable configuration of measurement modules, the MT1040A can support simultaneous dual-port 400GbE measurements using a combination of two 400G measurement modules, facilitating quality tests (BER, throughput, frame loss/latency, etc.) of 400GbE equipment. Moreover, in addition to supporting 400GbE, the MT1040A also supports 200GbE, offering network operators a cost-effective, all-in-one quality tester.

The useful, automatic, one-button test function for pass/fail evaluation of multiple test results cut the test burden and reduces the need to support inexperienced operators performing complex on-site work.

Key Features

  • Evaluation of various multi-port communication networks with one tester
  •  The MT1040A supports Ethernet, OTN, eCPRI/RoE/CPRI/OBSAI, fibre channel, and SDH/SONET network tests. Just one MT1040A unit is required to measure the BER, throughput, frame loss/latency of a mixed communications network configured using both the latest optical and legacy digital communications standards.
  • Various measurement module combinations using stackable configuration
  •  The combination of MT1040A measurement modules can be reconfigured according to the test environment by selecting the best configuration for the test application. For example, one 400G measurement module supports on-site I&M, while two 400G measurement modules facilitate network equipment evaluation at the laboratory benchtop. Additionally, adding an OTDR module to the main unit supports optical fibre measurements.
  • Efficient work using automated testing and remote control
  •  As well as using a controller, such as an external PC, the MT1040A can also perform standalone automated testing and pass/fail evaluation, enabling even inexperienced operators to run tests, evaluate results, and generate reports easily in the shortest time. Furthermore, adding the SORA Internet Cloud Service option for instrument remote control helps increase network commissioning test efficiency by facilitating fast troubleshooting of network problems.

Target Markets & Applications

  • Target Markets: Network operators, installation and maintenance (I&M) contractors, equipment vendors
  • Applications: Quality evaluation, testing, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting for communications networks and data centres


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