Thursday, February 29, 2024

6 Awesome Innovations for Techies

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One charger for your Android and Apple devices

If a project gets 617 per cent funding on Indiegogo, it must solve a real problem for people! Magbine is one such interesting product—a charger that works for Android and Apple devices, as well as other devices with a Micro USB port. It reduces the cable clutter at home and on-the-go as you need just one charger for your many devices.

The charger’s patent-granted multi-device connector comes with a reversible tip, so Apple users need not bother about identifying the correct side to push in their charger! Made with a special material, it is durable and tangle-free.

Plus, the right-angled design makes Magbine easy to plug in without bending the cable—one of the causes for wear-and-tear and breakage. Magnetic caps at both ends of the cable further minimise the tangled mess: You can just snap the two ends together and hang the cable wherever you want. Looks like the developer team is so proud of this feature that they named the charger ‘Magbine’ after a combination of ‘Magnetic’ and ‘Combine’!

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Company: Magbine; Country: Hong Kong, China;


Do away with your cable clutter using Magbine (Image courtesy: Magbine)
Do away with your cable clutter using Magbine (Image courtesy: Magbine)


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