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humidity sensor

Humidity Sensor: Basics, Usage, Parameters and Applications

Sometimes, after rains, the air feels moist. The water seems to have suspended in the air. However, in certain AC’s you click some buttons and the atmosphere brightens up. How and...

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning, or ML, is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. It is based on...

How Are RMS And PMPO Used To Represent The Power Of An Audio Amplifier?

RMS (Root-Mean Square) It is the minimum continuous sinewave power output measured in watts that can be delivered by the amplifier into a rated load, over the specified bandwidth with maximum specified...

Mobile Apps For Optical Communication

Scan the QR codes to download the apps based on the operating system of your device Gamma OTDR Updated: April 2019 (Android), September 2018 (iOS) OS: Android and iOS Download: Full version (free) Gamma OTDR (optical time...

How To Prevent Electrical Faults?

This article explains how by using a few basic devices, most electrical faults and, subsequently, mishaps can be avoided. Every day we hear about fires that take place across the world due...

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