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Useful Mobile Apps for A Better Ride

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Android Auto

Updated: July 2018
OS: Android
Download: Free (full version)

Android Auto lets you handle your mobile tasks while being in full control of the steering wheel. Requiring a smartphone with Android 5.0 or higher, Android Auto is a great hands-free smart companion. Majorly based on voice commands, driven by Google Assistant, Android Auto provides a gamut of features. These include real-time navigation with traffic alerts, making or receiving calls, messaging hands-free with supported apps including SMS, WhatsApp, Hangouts and Skype, or streaming media files through supported apps like Spotify, Pandora and Google Music.

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Car Problems and Repairs

Updated: October 2017
OS: Android
Download: Free (full version)

This application guides you through fixing your car. It is a collection of information that can be narrowed down to specific problems with the car. Represented by images and text-based instructions, the application provides an easy-to-understand platform for car repair. Searches can be filtered based on categories and sub-categories. The app has support for almost all major car brands across the world.


Updated: May 2018
OS: Android and iOS
Download: Free (full version)

Drivvo helps you save major expenses on fuel and vehicle maintenance. Available for Android as well as iOS users, the app comes with a fuel mileage calculator as one of its special features, which tracks regular data about fuel consumed and distance covered (kilometres per litre). There are a number of other features including fuel management and financial controls analytics, odometer readings, distance and gas mileage calculation, vehicle maintenance records, advanced reminders and so on. The app helps you find the nearest gas station and compare fuel prices among neighbouring stations. An inbuilt navigation system is also available.

Car Dashdroid

Updated: July 2018
OS: Android
Download: Free (full version)

Car Dashdroid is a useful hands-free application. Connected to your car’s infotainment system, it carries out a multitude of functions including voice-enabled message read outs (SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc), provides navigation and on-road guidance, speedometer and compass readings, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control (with on/off functionality), smart media handling on supported apps (like Spotify and Pandora) and music players. It also provides hands-free access to call logs and speed-dialing. Car Dashdroid supports Google Assistant, too.

Augmented Driving

Updated: November 2017
Download: Paid (full version)

Designed for iOS users, Augmented Driving app turns your iPhone (or other compatible mobile Apple device) into a cognitive augmented reality (AR) assistant on the road. It brings features like object detection, collision warning, lane departure warning and so on. If you mount your phone on the dash of your car, the app analyses the road through iPhone camera and gives real-time feedback about the road and route status. It works on devices with iOS 8 or above.



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