Monday, June 17, 2024

This Headset Relieves Chronic Pain Using The Latest Technology

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The headset makes use of EEG and Bluetooth technologies to map any issues in the brain and could have life changing effects on millions

In a partnership between u‑blox and Exsurgo, a company developing technology-based neurological treatments, it has been announced that u-blox’s ANNA-B112 Bluetooth 5 system-in-package (SIP) (also used in wireless communication) is used in Exsurgo’s Axon headset for chronic pain treatment. The Axon headset helps relieve chronic pain by relying on electroencephalography (EEG) to measure electrical activity from multiple sites on the patient’s scalp

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Using Bluetooth technology, the device then wirelessly streams the captured data to a mobile device, where a visual representation of the patient’s EEG activity is displayed in near real-time. The patient can then also engage with neuro-exercises that train to change the state of the brain so that their perception of chronic reduces.

The ultra-compact ANNA-B112 Bluetooth 5 SIP reduced the overall size of the electronics implemented in the headset, making the product more comfortable to wear. By leveraging Bluetooth 5’s considerable payload capacity to transmit high data rates, samples from multiple EEG electrodes were acquired without any latency issues.

“The Axon headset beautifully demonstrates how IoT technology can take a previously costly solution and make it accessible to a much broader audience. A massive burden on healthcare systems and the economy, chronic pain affects up to one in five people around the world. We are excited to be part of a solution that promises to have life-changing effects on millions of people,” says Pelle Svensson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Product Center Short Range at u‑blox.

“The small size of the ultra-low-power ANNA-B112, its powerful microprocessor, along with detailed reference schematics for seamless integration into our electronics project was instrumental in designing a quality medical device,” says Faisal Almesfer, Chief Technology Officer at Exsurgo.

Exsurgo plans to take the device into high-volume production in the second half of 2022 to serve markets in the USA, UK, and European Union.


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