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Learn How To Compensate Temperature And Humidity Sensors In HVAC Systems

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The TMP6x thermistors are highly linear and have consistent sensitivity across temperature, with 6400 ppm/°C TCR at 25°C. With a typical TCR tolerance of 0.2% across the entire -40° to +125°C operating range, the TMP6x offers immunity to outside variations and robust performance. Engine management and motor monitoring systems often utilize extreme temperatures, and the linearity of the TMP6x devices offers better dynamic range at high temperatures than traditional NTC thermistors which exhibit non-linear behavior over temperature. For thermostats and other building automation systems there is a narrower operating range. For these room temperature applications oversampling can improve on accuracy and result in better performance. This document focuses primarily on room temperature applications and how the TMP6x devices can outperform NTC thermistors.

Discover basic software and characterization solutions for correcting accuracy and response time of temperature and humidity readings in systems with performance issues due to self-heating, airflow, or high thermal mass.

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