Monday, July 22, 2024

Streamlining Functional Safety Certification in Automotive and Industrial

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Whether you’re designing for the factory floor or the highway, this white paper explains how TI’s approach to designing integrated circuits (ICs) provides you with the resources needed to streamline your functional safety design.

Automation has increased the need for functional safety in both the industrial and automotive sectors. Functional safety is required across industrial applications but especially in factory automation and control systems.

Functional safety is part of the overall safety of a system and depends on responding in a predictable manner to certain inputs or a failure state. Functional safety standards accept that there is always a hazard and that all systems, therefore, have an inherent failure rate. Functional safety standards specify how to develop systems in a way that reduces the risk to a tolerable level. System designs that include functional safety must not only lower risk from improper operation but detect faults and minimize their impact.

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