Sunday, July 21, 2024

3-in-1 Industrial Sensor For Vibration, Temperature And Speed Detections

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The smart sensor detects common failures in speed, batch or spared assets, allowing simultaneous measurements and synchronised communication

Taking sensor readings related to vibration, temperature and speed are challenging as they are often taken under different operating conditions, resulting in missed readings or data points that are not comparable across time.

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Now, combining vibration, temperature and speed detection into a single sensor is the VSx vibration sensor by Petasense Technologies, which can plug into the Petasense Transmitter (Tx) to detect common failures in variable speed, batch or spared assets. This integration within the VSx allows users to take measurements only during the specified speed ranges or when the asset is operating. Embedded smart sensing allows the sensors to communicate with each other, providing synchronised readings across multiple sensors on the asset train. By taking simultaneous measurements users can better diagnose developing problems.

Data from the VSx is sent from the Transmitter securely over standard WiFi to the Petasense Asset Reliability and Optimisation (ARO) Cloud. ARO uses machine learning algorithms, coupled with a comprehensive library of assets and failure modes, to continuously assess asset health. Web and Mobile Apps allow users to monitor assets remotely and receive actionable insights through real-time notifications.

“The VSx is the first sensor of its kind, addressing the biggest challenge for monitoring variable speed, spared or batch assets,” commented Dan Bradley, CEO of Petasense. “Companies in almost every industry have critical assets that they have not been able to monitor effectively until now. Petasense’s combination of advanced sensing, automated analytics and deep application knowledge allow our customers to realise a quick benefit of maintenance’s digital transformation and eliminate unnecessary maintenance.”

The VSx provides an option for applications or customers that want a wired sensor. By wiring the VSx into the Petasense Transmitter, users can take advantage of affordable battery-less wireless monitoring. Eliminating battery change-outs will accelerate IIoT deployments, which has been a common challenge for large-scale projects.


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