Sunday, July 21, 2024

3D Surround View With Next-Gen Cameras and Electronic Control Units

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Technology allows drivers to see surroundings all around the vehicle, thus enabling safer, more convenient driving and parking

Thanks to the new surround-view cameras and electronic control units offered by Magna, global automakers will soon be able to offer 3D surround-view systems in more vehicles. Soon the next generation cameras and domain controllers will make the benefits of 3D surround view – a driver-assistance technology found mainly in luxury-class vehicles – available to more consumers.

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A high-resolution, 360-degree field of view is provided by the multi-camera system around the vehicle. The domain controller then creates a 3D surround-view image by processing the four camera images, rendering a seamlessly stitched 3D view of the vehicle’s surroundings, helping drivers park in tight spaces with ease.

The system also delivers data regarding emergency braking and automatically detects and warns the driver when the camera lens is obstructed by snow, ice, dirt or raindrops.

Magna provides advanced driver-assistance systems with a focus on the Level 2/2+ systems that serve as the building blocks for future autonomy. Magna-made ADAS are equipped with features that improve the daily commute and driver safety.


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