Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Smallest Latch-Type Hall IC Suitable For Brushless DC Motors

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Its fast response time is useful for high performance precision motors and actuators in industrial machinery

Here’s an ultra-small latch-type Hall IC suitable that is suitable for small DC brushless (BL) motors. The AK8781 by AKM features fast response time and high-temperature operation – all in a small package. 

This ultra-small WL-CSP package reduces the packaging size by 60 per cent compared to the conventional product AK8771, and can also be mounted on small DCBL motors of 10mmφ or less, which are used for robotic joints of consumer products and industrial equipment.

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Key Features

  • Reduced package size: The 4-pin WL-CSP package has a small size of 0.76mm x 0.76mm. The area is further reduced from the 4-pin SON (1.1mm x 1.4mm) of the conventional AK8771.
  • Fast response time: It can detect high-speed rotation as fast as 95,000r/min. For example, 4 rotor poles and phase delay within 5 degrees of the electric angle.
  • High-temperature operation: The operating temperature range of the AK8781 is -40 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius, which has been expanded from -30 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius of the conventional product AK8771.

This product can be safely used not only in the industrial machinery field but also in small DCBL motors that do not dissipate heat easily.


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