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Dual, Multi-Range Pressure Sensor for Sleep Apnea Devices

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Offers better performance and cost advantages over competing Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) product solutions

With an industry-leading accuracy and performance, the CP Series from Superior Sensor Technology is a dual, multi-range pressure sensor that integrates a differential pressure sensor and a gauge pressure sensor into one solution. This integration in a single module will significantly improve the reliability and performance of continuous PAP (CPAP), bi-level PAP (BiPAP) and automatic PAP (APAP) devices for sleep apnea and other breathing sleep disorders.

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Sleep disorders are generally characterised by irregular breathing, which results in insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. For an increasingly ageing population that suffers from sleep disorders, the market size for sleep apnea devices has been valued at US$ 3.7 billion in 2020, which is anticipated to grow by as much as 6.2% CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

“The rapid increase in sleep disorders has put demands on manufacturers to develop cost-competitive, technologically advanced sleep apnea products for a geographically diverse, worldwide population,” said Jim Finch, CEO and Co-Founder, Superior Sensor Technology. 

Current PAP device designs include two separate pressure sensors, a differential pressure sensor for airflow measurement and a gauge sensor for airway pressure measurement. The first product in the CP Series, the CP201, is a unique, highly integrated, dual sensor, low pressure offering that incorporates a differential pressure sensor supporting four programmable, full-scale pressure ranges from 250 to 2.5k Pa (1 to 10 in H20). 

It also includes a gauge pressure sensor that supports four programmable, full-scale pressure ranges from 2 to 6k Pa (8 to 24 in H20), with a 0.05% accuracy of the selected range and Total Error Band typically within 0.15% FSS. 

The advantages of the level of integration and accuracy in CP201 includes:

  • Reduced board space and design complexity, which speeds time to market.
  • Decreased number of components in the design, which improves reliability and reduces performance errors.
  • The NimbleSense architecture’s advanced digital filtering eliminates critical pneumatic noise, which improves the signal to noise ratio of the sensor output.
  • Multi-Range technology allows the same device to be used in multiple PAP product variations, which streamlines the overall manufacturing process and reduces sensor inventory.
  • Optional closed-loop control feature reduces loop delays to further improve accuracy.

“The new CP Series offers manufacturers a unique solution to optimise performance, reliability and system cost for a competitive, fast-growing market,” commented Jim Finch.

The CP201 is available in production volumes and can be purchased through DigiKey Electronics and Mouser Electronics.


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