Friday, May 31, 2024

High-Performance, Ultra-High-Stability MEMS Gyro Sensor

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Suitable for downhole surveying, precision stabilisation, guidance and control, autonomous vehicles and high-end AHRS


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The CRS39A by Silicon Sensing provides an optimum solution for applications where bias instability, angle random walk and low noise are of critical importance.

At the heart of the CRS39A is the VSG3QMAX vibrating ring MEMS sensor, which is combined with precision discrete electronics to achieve high stability and low noise, making the CRS39A a viable alternative to Fibre-Optic Gyros (FOG) and Dynamically Tuned Gyros (DTG). This latest model incorporates all-new drive electronics and improvements to the sensor head – enabling enhanced performance.

CRS39A has been designed for mounting within a 25mm inside diameter cylinder and is reduced to one PCB compared with the preceding CRS39 gyro. Two onboard temperature sensors and the resonant frequency of the MEMS enable additional external conditioning to be applied to the CRS39A by the host, enhancing the performance even further.

Tech Features

  • Supply Voltage (Vdd): 5V
  • Analogue Dynamic Range: ±25°/sec
  • SF Setting Error: ±0.17% (at 45°C)
  • SF Error Over Temp: ±0.17%
  • Bias Setting Error: ±0.012V
  • Bias over Temperature: ±85 ̊/hr
  • Bias Instability: 0.03°/hr
  • Bandwidth (nominal): 25Hz ±10Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +110°C
  • Current Consumption: 30mA


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