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Small And Versatile Navigation Device Benefiting Industrial Automation

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It assists factory robots to to scan the floor and store the data that allows minute manoeuvring even in long, narrow warehouse aisles

Presenting a compact and affordable option for mapping warehouse floors – the Triton, a new product that uses a revolutionary positioning technology to enhance existing robotic products.

Take, for instance, a client has to navigate through long, narrow aisles, some as long as 100 meters. Triton helps to scan the floor itself and store the data that allows minute manoeuvring even in long, narrow warehouse aisles.

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“Each section of that long warehouse aisle looks exactly alike. If you try to tell a computer to look visually at the environment, the only thing it sees is repeating objects like the shelves. If I’m here or 10 meters farther or 10 meters farther, it all looks the same and the computer cannot distinguish,” says Accerion’s Software Engineer Anurag Kulkarni.

Even if those aisles store racks, pallets and trolleys that are low to the ground, Triton has no problem with that. It has been able to work with the Lowpad, a low-floor AGV. Lowpads fit under a piece of equipment such as a rolling rack, slides under and lifts the rack. Triton then feeds the positioning data to Lowpad’s navigation stack to tell it where to go. This manoeuvre is done without infrastructure for fast and accurate deployment in those narrow aisles. Thanks to Triton’s small and compact size, it manages to provide mm-level accuracy necessary for industrial automation.

“Triton is the product of a brilliant team of engineers. Within record time they managed to develop this incredible product,” said Accerion’s Founder and Managing Director Willem-Jan Lamers.

Triton is being pilot-tested by several clients now and Accerion is taking orders with delivery in early 2020.


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