Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Miniature Liquid Flow Sensor

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Known as “microfluidics on your fingertips”, the sensor is ideal for high-volume applications with strict space limitations

With a footprint of only 10mm x 10 mm, the Liquid Flow Sensor LPG10 series by Sensirion provides outstanding performance and speed in measuring liquid flow despite its small size. It is a smart sensor solution that offers flow rates from the low microliter-per-minute range up to 1 ml per minute. The sensor is also known as “microfluidics on your fingertips”.

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It has a downmount design, that is, the fluidic ports are facing downwards on the bottom side of the chip. It is meant to be integrated on the manifold.

The flow range is from 0 to 1 ml/min and has 5% accuracy and 0.5% repeatability.

The use of Borosilicate glass as the only wetted material ensures optimal compatibility with biological and pharmaceutical processes. Due to its highly compact integration into any fluidic manifold system, it is ideal for high-volume applications with strict space limitations.

Combined with the small size, the LPG10 gives you the highest integration density possible. Due to its small thermal mass, response times below 30 ms can be reached. This means that even highly dynamic changes in the flow rate (e.g. produced by pulsating micropumps) can be monitored with this sensor. One step further: the sensor’s signal can be used for closed-loop control to reach continuous flows even with pulsating pump mechanisms. The small form factor literally allows direct and highly accurate measurements of the flow at any point of interest in a fluidic system. In addition, real-time detection of failures such as clogging, air bubbles or leaks comes along for free.

Other variants include EK-LPG10, EKLPG10-1000 and LPG10-1000.


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