Monday, July 15, 2024

Robust And Reliable Lidar For Mobility Applications

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Specifically designed for ADAS and autonomous driving applications, the system provides enhanced detection capabilities

Providing robust and reliable safety measures for commercial and industrial is the award-winning Leddar Pixell with a solid-state design. 

It is a 3D flash LiDAR having a 180-degree field of view (FoV) specifically designed for ADAS and autonomous driving applications. Powered by the LCA2 LeddarEngine and optimised for enhanced detection capabilities of vulnerable road users (VRU), the Leddar Pixell provides reliable detection of pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles in a vehicle’s surroundings. The robust, solid-state Pixell compensates for the limitations of mechanical scanning LiDARs used for geopositioning, which generate blind areas that can reach several meters. 

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Deployments of detection systems on any type of vehicle require highly durable technologies to ensure high MTBF and to minimise downtime and operational expenditures, all the while ensuring reliable and secure vehicle operation.

The Pixell uniquely answers the needs for comprehensive detection and ranging systems in vehicles transiting at inner-city speed and performing frequent stop-and-go operations such as autonomous shuttles, delivery vehicles or robotaxis. 

Key Features

  • Robust, ideally suited for the most demanding commercial and industrial environments
  • 96 horizontal and 8 vertical segments, providing 768 independent surfaces with simultaneous acquisitions
  • 3D flash illumination technology
  • Pedestrian detection range of up to 32 metres
  • Wide operating temperature range (-30 degrees Celsius to +65 degrees Celsius)
  • Meets stringent shock and vibration standards

Main Applications

  • Proximity detection
  • Blindspot coverage
  • Collision avoidance
  • Navigation

Leddar Pixell has already been adopted by leading autonomous vehicle providers in North America and Europe and is available today for commercial deployments.


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