Friday, July 19, 2024

Fast PMIC Series With Integrated DC-DC Power Supply

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  • The PMIC Series by Empower Semiconductor requiring no external components allows effective power supply
  • The device is beneficial for power design engineers looking stable voltage and current regulation without added expenses

Empower Semiconductor, a provider of Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVR), has launched the EP70xx, a cutting-edge series of power management ICs for significant energy savings in data centres. The device allows total integration of a triple output DC-DC power supply into a single tiny 5mm x 5mm package with no external components. This allows attaining up to 10x higher current density, 3x tighter accuracy during transients and 1000x faster dynamic voltage.

With a single footprint, no external components, extensive programmability, a wide range of current and output configurations makes the EP70xx usable across nearly all designs and platforms.  By having multiple power supplies in a single IC package significantly reduces the concerns of component variation, sourcing, synchronization and stability. This simplifies the adoption of  DC-DC converters by power designers who need multilevel voltage and current regulation

“We made it simple to place the EP70xx on the PCB with no discrete components, select your settings using the provided GUI and load the device via the I3C/I2C port.  Just like that you have three outputs regulating at high currents with wide bandwidth and high efficiency,” said Trey Roessig, Chief Technology Officer & SVP of Engineering of Empower Semiconductor.  “No input filter design, no output filter design, no feedback resistors, no loop compensation design, no component changes.”

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High efficiency and scalability

The EP70xx family displays peak efficiencies of up to 91 percent with a nearly flat efficiency curve up through 10A of output current. It showcases 1,000x faster dynamic voltage scaling, enabling fast and lossless processor state changes that can save 30 per cent or more of processor power.

EP70xx family is available with eight initial products: four triples, two duals and two singles. Outputs are available from 1A to 10A in a 5x5mm or 4x4mm package with a 0.75mm profile, enabling full power management integration into the SoC.

Product samples, demo boards, and reference designs of the EP70xx family with input voltages varying from 2.5V to 16V are available immediately to qualified customers.  Production volumes planned for Q4 2020.

“The combination of density, speed and efficiency is allowing designers to utilize our products in groundbreaking ways, enabling breakthrough levels of system performance,” said Tim Phillips, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Empower Semiconductor.


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