Monday, July 15, 2024

Small and High-Efficiency RF-to-DC Converter Chips

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The components harvest energy from all modulation types, enabling maximum power transfer and range in small size

The Powerharvester RF-to-DC Converter Chips PCC114 and PCC110 from Powercast Corporation are the core components that convert RF energy to DC power. 

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When paired with tuning components and an antenna, these chips can harvest RF energy from 10MHz to 6GHz. They have an extremely small profile: 1mm x 0.6mm x 0.3mm (PCC114) and 2mm x 2.1mm x 0.9mm (PCC110), and have up to 75% conversion efficiency while harvesting energy from all modulation types, enabling maximum power transfer and range. Due to their small size, they have a low cost of implementation and are RoHS compliant. 

Technology Benefits

  • Wide Efficiency Range: Designed for high efficiency over a range of input power and frequency. Deployment flexibility is increased when using dedicated transmitters
  •  Embed with Ease: Small footprint allows for easy integration into new devices or modification of existing devices. Works with any source of RF in its designed range, or with dedicated Powercaster transmitters
  •  Adaptability: Can be adapted to work with the right frequency band for your application

User Benefits

  •  Device recharging without wires, enabling charging at a distance and without base charging stations
  •  Freedom of device placement 
  •  Simultaneous charging of multiple units 
  •  Product differentiation in the IoT and commercial marketplace
  •  Improved design options
  •  Increased ROI
  •  Extended product life


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