Small and High-Efficiency RF-to-DC Converter Chips


The components harvest energy from all modulation types, enabling maximum power transfer and range in small size

The Powerharvester RF-to-DC Converter Chips PCC114 and PCC110 from Powercast Corporation are the core components that convert RF energy to DC power. 

When paired with tuning components and an antenna, these chips can harvest RF energy from 10MHz to 6GHz. They have an extremely small profile: 1mm x 0.6mm x 0.3mm (PCC114) and 2mm x 2.1mm x 0.9mm (PCC110), and have up to 75% conversion efficiency while harvesting energy from all modulation types, enabling maximum power transfer and range. Due to their small size, they have a low cost of implementation and are RoHS compliant. 

Technology Benefits

  • Wide Efficiency Range: Designed for high efficiency over a range of input power and frequency. Deployment flexibility is increased when using dedicated transmitters
  •  Embed with Ease: Small footprint allows for easy integration into new devices or modification of existing devices. Works with any source of RF in its designed range, or with dedicated Powercaster transmitters
  •  Adaptability: Can be adapted to work with the right frequency band for your application

User Benefits

  •  Device recharging without wires, enabling charging at a distance and without base charging stations
  •  Freedom of device placement 
  •  Simultaneous charging of multiple units 
  •  Product differentiation in the IoT and commercial marketplace
  •  Improved design options
  •  Increased ROI
  •  Extended product life