Saturday, June 15, 2024

VGA iToF Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor For 3D Imaging

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Advanced features such as multiple acquisition modes, single and dual-frequency and low-power standby modes allow versatility and flexibility

GTOF0503 by Gpixel is a VGA sensor featuring a 5 μm, 3-tap state-of-the-art iTof pixel incorporating a pixel array with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It is suitable for 3D image applications in machine vision, automated guided vehicle, industrial automation, bin picking, logistics and smart factory.

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The BSI technology provides excellent sensitivity at NIR wavelengths. In addition, the wafer stacking enables very high modulation frequencies of up to 165 MHz and 30 depth frames per second, which results in depth accuracy at short, mid and long-range distances even in challenging ambient light conditions by using pulse modulation iToF technique.

Advanced features such as multiple acquisition modes, depth with single and dual-frequency, low-power standby modes and an industry-standard MIPI CSI-2 interface allow very versatile and flexible operation.


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