Friday, June 14, 2024

World’s First Photon-Number-Resolving Scientific Camera

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It has incredibly low noise and 9.4 megapixels that enables accurate measurement of the number of photons to create an image


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In quantitative imaging, the photoelectric noise generated during the conversion of light into electrical signals determines the lower detection limit of the camera.

To generate even more accuracy, the ORCA-Quest qCMOS scientific camera C15550-20UP from Hamamatsu Photonics takes this photoelectric noise to a level below the signals generated by photons, making the ORCA-Quest the world’s first camera to achieve 2D photon number resolving measurement for accurately measuring the number of photons to create an image. For example, the ORCA-Quest can observe the quantum states of ions and neutral atoms more accurately, making it a promising tool for accelerating research and development of quantum technology for quantum computers and a host of other applications.

The ORCA-Quest qCMOS scientific camera has an incredibly low noise of 0.27 electrons rms and a high pixel number of 9.4 megapixels, made possible by a hi-tech two-dimensional CMOS image sensor.

The ORCA-Quest are in production and available for researchers at universities and companies both in Japan and overseas.


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