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SARA-R500E is u-Blox’s first module with an onboard embedded SIM (eSIM). The module is based on u-blox's UBX-R5 cellular chipset and is designed for space-constrained IoT applications. The module is 5G ready and employs the SARA-R5 AT command interface....
Microchip has announced the AVR-IoT Cellular Development Board to ease the process of embedded design. The AVR-IoT Cellular Mini Development is based on an 8-bit AVR128DB48 MCU. And is capable of providing a robust platform to start building sensor...
The completion of in orbit commissioning will be beneficial in providing 5G IoT services for no internet latency-tolerant applications OQ Technology, a 5G satellite operator has completed the in-orbit commissioning (IOC) of its Tiger-2 nanosatellite that started on 15 August...

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