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Pentonic 700 by MediaTek is a smart TV system-on-chip (SoC) with a powerful AI processing engine for upcoming 120Hz 4K TVs. The SoC features an AI processing unit (APU) which offers advanced features which offer superior image quality and...
It integrates powerful AI-engines, MEMC, VVC decoding and picture-in-picture technology to provide better display, audio and connectivity To power next-gen 8K TVs, the technologies in display, audio, AI, and broadcasting and connectivity of smart TVs should be cutting edge. Aiding this...
New chip pairs innovative AI-powered features with the latest connectivity and display technologies for an incredible experience MediaTek has announced its new 4K smart TV chip, the MT9638, with an integrated high-performance AI processing unit (APU). MT9638 supports cutting-edge AI-enhancement...

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