Saturday, June 15, 2024

Air Filtration System For Server Rooms

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Gaseous contaminants can cause micro-corrosion to the equipment in a server room, and to prevent it Bry-Air has launched an air filtration system called BryShield.

BryShield by Bry-Air is an air filtration system and dehumidifier designed for small server rooms. The air-filtration system can easily fit into a false ceiling and remove the gaseous contaminants, from the enclosed room. The dehumidifier can effectively prevent electronic corrosion and micro-corrosion caused due to gaseous contaminants. BryShield is energy efficient, compact and lightweight and can be controlled with a remote. It employs a Honeycomb-shaped chemical filter which contains easily replaceable macro-porous filters that come with a life span of more than a year. It can prevent server downtime and saves losses from server failures by preventing electronic corrosion in small server rooms, control rooms, and electronic equipment rooms across diverse sectors like banks, IT companies, telecom sites, hospitals, R&D centres, laboratories, etc.

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Electronic equipment is susceptible to moisture and electronic corrosion from gaseous contaminants. There is a common misconception that precision air conditioning can remove gaseous contaminants and particulate matter, and a normal air conditioning system will serve the purpose. But in reality, normal air conditions are incapable of doing so.

Bry-Air claims that the BryShield serves multiple purposes as it gives clean air, and ensures that there is no chance of electronic corrosion which normally leads to server failure and downtime. To remove pollutants and neutralizes toxic gases the company has designed a patented technology called the DRISORB Filter. The patented technology is backed up with macro-porous desiccant-based honeycomb matrix filters that come with a life span of more than a year which is easily replaceable.

The BryShield comes in a compact and lightweight package that can easily be mounted on the ceiling. The product is available in two models MCU-100 and MCU-250 and can be purchased through the company website.


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